About Us

about_us_blackSince 1979, a total metal handling solution.

Canrack Storage Systems was founded in 1979 as a rack manufacturer and distributor of processing equipment for the Metal Service Center Industry. Since then, the company has evolved and expanded to become a major systems engineering company for Metal Service Centers and Metal Fabricators. We offer complete system installations including design, manufacturing, installation and training for storage and processing equipment.

Today, we are Canrack Metal Center Systems, a name that represents the full scope of our offerings to the Metal Service Center and Metal Fabricator industries.

What we believe, what we promise:

Canrack Metal Center Systems will produce the highest quality equipment for the storage, material handling, processing, order selection and packing functions. This equipment will enable operators of either gender with normal physical strength to perform all tasks, while improving safety, quality and productivity.

Safety We will provide equipment that uses an operator’s intelligence and dexterity rather than physical strength. All equipment will be ergonomically designed to avoid repetitive strain injuries, and to comply with all OSHA regulations related to lifting and repetitive motions.
Quality Canrack Metal Center Systems will provide equipment that preserves the quality of material, despite progressive handling, processing and storage functions, with special emphasis on scratch-free material and the integrity of material identification and heat numbers.
Productivity We will provide equipment that can be operated by one person, while improving working conditions and the working environment. This equipment will increase transactions per hour and pounds per man-hour, reducing labor costs and increasing throughput. Capital costs will be returned according to return on investment criteria. System audits will be made continually to monitor performance, and upgrades will be implemented as available.