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Bar Order Filling Stations

Bar order filling and packaging can be strenuous and dangerous work. Heavy pieces are often lifted by one or two operators in an effort to quickly pick orders and make the next day delivery.

Banding is often done with hand strappers moved around on reel trucks by hand. Finished bundles must be picked up and transported to lay down from packaging horses improperly located for good material flow.

Canrack’s bar ordering filling stations are ergonomically designed to eliminate heavy lifting and increase productivity with less physical effort from the operator.

For our Bar Order Filling Station Selection Chart, see our product information sheet.

Bar Packaging

The most economical bar order filling station from Canrack that eliminates heavy lifting and speeds up order filling.

Material is brought to the station by fork truck or sideloader in pans or loose on the forks. Stripper plates help lift material out of pans and into bundling yokes. Overhead pneumatic strapping tools make banding orders an easy task for the operator.

Most stations are built back to back giving the sideloader a second station to load while the previous order is being banded. Optional scales with digital readout and printers are available. One sideloader and one station operator can be expected to complete up to 80 bar orders per shift.


A Bar Ordering Filling Station designed to quickly process orders with bar material brought from a racking system in pans.

The station receives material brought by sideloader and deposited on an accumulating chain conveyor at the higher level. A lift table lowers the pan to operator level and stripper arms remove material from the pans and deposit into impact bars to absorb shock. Bundling straps then shape the load into a tight bundle for banding. The order is then released and conveyed to one or more accumulating zones for truck loading. The pans return on the lower level accumulating chain conveyor for sideloader pick-up and return to the storage racks.

This station averages an order every 4 minutes giving up to 120 orders per shift with 2 sideloaders and 1 station operator.


This station is similar to the Over-Under except that stripper plates are provided for the sideloader operator to move material out of the pan and onto the receiving chain conveyors.

The material is then conveyed to the station operator and deposited into impact bars and then bundling straps for banding. The advantage of this station is the elimination of the lift table and both high and low chain conveyors needed by the Over-Under station. This results in lower capital cost with productivity close to the Over-Under station.

This station normally operates with 1 sideloader and 1 station operator to process up to 100 orders per shift.


The most cost effective and productive station made by Canrack that is designed to receive raw material that has been pre-selected by man-up order pickers or pan pick sideloaders.

Receiving chains accept material from the sideloaders and convey directly to the impact bars and bundling straps of the station. After banding, the order is released and conveyed to one or more order accumulation zones for direct truck loading or laydown.

This station averages an order every 3 minutes giving up to 160 orders per shift with 2 to 3 sideloaders and 1 station operator.

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