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Plate Shear

The Canrack Metal Center Systems Plate Shear Feed Table has great potential to improve safety in the method used to shear steel plate.

The Plate Shear Feeder provides greater safety to the operator as the plates are driven through the shear by 4 or 6 traction wheels which are hydraulically driven and raised pneumatically with adjustable pressure.

The plates move freely on shielded ball transfers which are staggered at 14″ centers which help to provide easy plate alignment to the back gauge or squaring arm. All of these features reduce the risk of cut or pinched fingers and greatly reduce the amount of strain put on the operator.

Plate Shear Feeder
The traction wheels act independently and they will adjust to any warped or bent plate to give controlled accurate movement to the back gauge or cut line. Plates may be lifted above the feed table by the traction wheels to eliminate the plates from hitting the shear table when moving forward to the shear and also provide space for forks when loading or unloading with a fork truck. The operator maintains precise control of the plate with a forward/reverse variable speed hydraulic control and variable pneumatic pressure for traction wheel contact to the plate.
Squaring pins are located for any width plate to ensure square cuts. The Plate Shear Feed Table allows one man operation to handle and feed plates up to ¾” x 96″ x 300″ safely and accurately through any plate shear. Larger units using two feed tables are available for 16′ or 20′ wide shears. Due to the easier and faster handling, a higher amount of cuts per shift will be realized. The volume could increase as much as 2 to 3 times more with one man operation.

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