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Cantilever Racks for Bar and Sheet Metal Storage

Canrack Metal Center Systems’ standard product line includes adjustable cantilever rack, structural cantilever rack, coil racks, stacking cradles, pigeon hole rack, stanchion rack, and vertical plate storage. Systems can be designed for any material handling equipment including sideloaders, forktrucks, stacker cranes, or manual retrieval.

Our cantilever rack systems, used in a Steel Service Center for bar or sheet, allow the quickest possible placement, storage and removal of loads of varying lengths. A cantilever rack from Canrack Metal Center Systems will help achieve full space utilization and 100% selectivity. Loads can be stored and retrieved without regard to their length, and with a minimum of vertical space consumed for each load stored.


Greatly simplified inventory control, since all loads are visible for inspection, counting or weighing.

Better access for handling equipment. This saves time and money, and moves incoming or out-moving loads out of the way of other operations.

Cantilever racking allows a logical arrangement of stock by size and shape, or by part number or end-use.

Cantilever racking also helps utilize the building cube to the utmost, because side-loading trucks and stacker cranes require very little aisle and can stack to 30′ or higher.

Pans or skids can be used with cantilever racks to hold small bars, tubing, pipe, etc. A few pieces may be manually removed from the pan or skid for shipment or for use, or the load can be removed from the rack by sideloader for selection of items from it.

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