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Sheet Order Filling - Bundle Spitter​

Canrack Metal Center Systems offers a new approach to Sheet Order Filling

The Bundle Splitter system by Canrack Metal Center Systems allows sheet order filling without any lifting, completely scratch free and at a higher volume than previously achievable through traditional methods of order filling.

The Canrack Bundle Splitter System is a modular and scalable system. We offer both a High and Low Volume machine setup. The High Volume can be configured in multiple ways based on your order volume, number of operators, equipment used to move material, space available as well as budget. Some configurations can be as simple as some tables to Pick and Package on all the way to automatic conveyor feeding the system.

A simple survey form is available for Canrack to determine what setup you might best benefit from.

Bundle Splitter

Sheet Order Filling the Old Way

Sideloader operator and sheet order filler team-up to transfer sheets to the customer pallet. Too bad the sideloader is not going for the next skid while picking is going on.

"Okay! Let's lift together. If my arms were longer, I wouldn't scratch these so often."

"Sure glad there were only 10 sheets on that order. Wonder why my back is so sore?"

High Volume Bundle Splitter

When used for sheet order filling in a warehouse setting, inventory skids are brought to a “Pick” station and using a hand-held remote control, the Bundle Splitter operator can separate sheet orders up to 6,000 lbs at a time regardless of sheet count.

Whether you are picking one or many, the Bundle Splitter will split your order without having to manually split sheets. Sheets are then transferred to a customer skid, or an existing skid in less than 2 minutes completely hands-off and scratch free.

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Low Volume Bundle Splitter

The Low Volume Bundle Splitter System is designed for operations that have fewer people, smaller volume than 80 orders a shift and reduced floor space available. It is designed to allow as few as 1 operator to pick scratch free, non-lifting orders in 2/3 of the space and around half the cost.

Contact Canrack to discuss your specific needs and we can evaluate a setup that will work for your budget, space and volume.

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